His Excellency Fidel Castro Absolved by History

If the COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus pandemic and these words of wisdom from His Excellency Fidel Castro do not cause a major re-think and re-do of our world, which we live in, nothing will: “Our country does not launch bombs against other people. Or send thousands of planes to bomb cities. Our country does not… Continue reading His Excellency Fidel Castro Absolved by History

COVID19 Pandemic Lesson 1: What Many Call Home

What many who live in the urban centres of Uganda call home is a one or two roomed house that is located in a congested “affordable area”; essentially slum-like conditions. The rooms, generally, being about five meters by five meters in size. It should be note that the average population size of a household in… Continue reading COVID19 Pandemic Lesson 1: What Many Call Home

Missed Opportunities at Uganda Women’s Day 2020

In December 2019 when President Museveni reshuffled his Cabinet he continued with the long tradition of marginalizing women. Yes, the position of President of the Republic of Uganda has never been held by a woman; nor has a woman ever held the position of Prime Minister of Uganda. President Museveni's current cabinet is revealing in… Continue reading Missed Opportunities at Uganda Women’s Day 2020

Loans Can’t Bail Out Our Rural Poor

“I have a sister who has a small shop and she is in four savings and loan groups. She has to service each of the loans once a week, which takes a minimum of four hours per day each time. This means that her business is locked for four hours a day for four days… Continue reading Loans Can’t Bail Out Our Rural Poor

Lead Mentor

I am so looking forward to receiving and mentoring the first cohort of CPAR Uganda’s “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators Against Poverty” programme.

Many times we wanted to give up. We are glad we persisted. Little by little makes a bundle and our bundle is taking shape. The count down has begun, next Tuesday, 21st January 2020 we begin.

CPAR Uganda Ltd

Ms. Norah Owaraga is the Lead Mentor for the CPAR Uganda Ltd programme: “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators against Poverty.” The first cohort of 20 young adults begins their journey with CPAR Uganda in January 2020.

Since April 2012 to date, Ms. Owaraga is the Managing Director of CPAR Uganda, however, her wealth of professional experience spans since 1992, during which period she has worked as a senior executive with multiple civil society organisations operating in Uganda; and as an independent consultant.  

She is a cultural anthropologist and a communication expert, who holds a Master of Science Degree in Development Management from The Open University, UK and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies from Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh, UK (now a university). 

Since January 2017 to date, she is the first and the only female political radio talk show host in Uganda, hosting“Spectrum Extra”onRadio One FM90

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